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Synchronize files between a Nextcloud server and your desktop
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Nextcloud is an open-source client that allows users to synchronize files between the Nextcloud server and their desktops. All you need to do in order to enjoy its features is download the application, go through a seamless installation, configure the Nextcloud private server and connect it to your desktop.

The app's GUI is very basic, which means that the developers focused on its functionalities and not on its interface. We get it, it's not Adobe Photoshop, but they could at least create a modern interface.

If visually Nextcloud is almost inexistent, its features cover a wide area and are very well optimized. Users can connect to the server by entering their credentials and their ip address. Also, various parameters can be set and the app can easily be accessed from the system tray.
Moving on, users have the option to select the folders they want to be synchronized while being able to monitor the server's activity and file transfers.
You are allowed to limit the bandwidth used for downloading or uploading files, or you can leave it on automatic mode.

To sum it up, Nextcloud is a fairly simple software program. It helps users to synchronize their desktops to the Nextcloud server.
It's worth mentioning that the app is free for home users but if you plan to use it in an enterprise environment the price is quite consistent.

John Saunders
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  • Has a seamless installation process
  • Allows file monitoring
  • Lets users set up bandwidth limit


  • The GUI is too basic
  • The enterprise version is expensive
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